Miley Cyrus

Hello to those women who are looking for a role model,

As some may say, Miley Cyrus is not a good role model because she was on Disney Channel where she was very respected because of her acting and singing, which inspired many young girls; years later, Cyrus performed in public twerking, swearing, and wearing less clothes. However, what people fail to realize is that Miley Cyrus has contributed to those in silence. Many women who are scared of judgment because they want to show THEIR (WOMEN) bodies to the public, but are afraid of negative responses because deteriorate occurs quickly. For those who are able to get a chance to read this, women fought for their rights and should be respected as much as men should. We do not have a problem when men show their bodies, so the next time you want to embrace your bodies in public, PLEASE FEEL FREE!
Signing off permanently,

Sunfield Lee ❤ ❤


I did something…

What up what up!?

I’m pretty stoked on my newest purchase! I bought a Suzuki DR650 motorcycle! I intend to Super Moto it out and ride it around for fun and commuting.

Here’s a pic of the type of bike I got!


This weekend I have my motorcycle safety course classes. Hopefully, I come out as a safe and skilled rider!

Reminder: Double check your mirrors, you could save a motorcyclist’s life.



I got them!

What’s up everyone?

I hope y’all had a great week! I know I did.

It started off rough on Saturday with taking a nice “L” on the Jordan 1 “Royals”. Both my friends who were gunning for the shoe got theirs with the SNKRS app by Nike. I, on the other hand, didn’t get so lucky.


I did. My friend who picked up the Royals also got the All Star Jordan 1s when they restocked about a month ago. They didn’t fit him, they were too tight. Luckily, I was the perfect size for him. He sold them to me for retail+shipping so I now own Jordan 1s!

Here is the pair I took an L on (Smh…Satbir and Sam….I’m jealous) :



and here is the pair I just picked up (still hyped..they have a freakin’ clear sole!):



I’ll catch you guys next week.



This week, I was struggling on a topic to choose, but I really sat down and collected my thoughts. Free writing is enjoyable. I believe we can put our emotions, and situations in our writings because it has no limits and boundaries on what we can or cannot do. Believe it or not, there are many people who rather write out their problems than to speak it because it is a lot easier. What I really enjoy about writing freely is you cannot be wrong in your writing. Your tone, attitude, and position does not involve anyone’s opinion because it is freely written in any direction you choose too. As I feel timid and scared to be judge with punctuation, grammatical errors, and sentence structure, I truly enjoy writing and if it’s by myself, that keeps me happy enough!


Happy Writing

“Mr. Cellophane” Scene Analysis from “Chicago”


The 2002 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, Chicago, is a movie based on the Tony nominated musical of the same title; the story follows two women suspected and charged for murder in the 20s. The film starts with Velma Kelly, a jazz singer, and Roxie Hart, a hopeful jazz singer, being arrested within hours of each other for separate possible murders and find themselves trapped in the slammer. The two murderesses sing, dance, and fight to win their case all while still landing the headlining story in the newspapers—Velma desperately holds on to her fame and Roxie, who becomes famous overnight, embraces her new found fame. The two skip the gallows and get off scot-free! The two realize they can’t have a great show alone so they team up and they collect the roses, the praise, the applause, and all that jazz.


Out of all the scenes I could of chosen, I picked “Mr. Cellophane” because I thought this would have the least about of edits and setups in any of the musical numbers; Amos, Roxie’s funny honey, tries so hard to get his wife the money for the best lawyer around, Billy Flynn, so she can come back home. To capture the crowds’ attention and love again, Roxie lies about being pregnant and Amos is happy to receive the great news but Roxie ignores her husband completely—not surprising at all. It goes into the sad number about how Amos basically feels invisible to everyone, especially his wife, because you could look right through him, walk right by him, and never even know he was there. Billy explains to Amos there is no way he’s the father and plants the idea of divorce in his head; Amos is convinced the Roxie wouldn’t even notice the divorce. The scene cuts from real moments that happen to Amos and shots of him getting ready as well as him singing the sad song on stage while people observe but aren’t moved by his sad tale.

This happens to be one of my favorite films so it made sense to me to pick a scene from this film but most of the scenes are intimidating because of all the edits and camera setups they have. Out of all the musical numbers, I thought this might have the least amount and I used to really connect with this song, as I too once felt invisible like cellophane but not so much anymore. What is really affective in this film is the use of shots of what would really happen in the world, as we would see it and what would happen on stage, as the characters would see it. While Amos sings his heart out on stage, he has that one spotlight and in this moment, he is the star because he commands the attention and finally has it as well. Whether we are like the two people who watch him with no emotion or we feel for Roxie’s husband, he proves he’s no longer hidden in her shadows and we cannot ignore him. I love the lighting in this scene while he’s on stage because the spotlight follows him making him the star of his own number and at times this lighting gives off a cameo effect and then a silhouette effect. These are powerful because it forces the audience to just see “invisible” Amos and nothing else.


Comparing the scene to the whole film, it is slower in pace as the edits are a bit more infrequent but if you compare this scene to the an indie film, that might use less edits and may keep longer takes, this scene would have faster pacing. The beginning of the song and scene has Roxie ignoring him, which fuels the timing of the song; we see him put on his white face make up to give him a ghostly glow when the lights hit him on stage. Even though this isn’t an element the editor has any control over, they including the shots needed so the audience could gather that Amos is basically being compared not only to cellophane but being as nonexistent as a ghost; there are many close ups of Amos’ pale face near the end of the song that make us feel his suffering and sorrow and this makes the actor look good. The editor wants to wants make everyone look good so the story makes more sense and that was definitely obtained in this scene. The editor clearly has a great eye because he didn’t over edit this scene and let John C. Reilly control the screen making Amos likeable and we begin to feel truly sorry for him; this is smart because it gives the audience a moment to remember how awful Roxie is for treating her husband with such disrespect, even though she is an exciting character to watch and even root for!


It is really difficult to count the edits for any scene in the film in general (and I’d love to know which musical number has the least about of camera setups and edits). I am not sure if I have the correct numbers but I believe there were about 29 camera setups and 82 edits. A lot of the shots of Amos on stage are mostly the same but from different angles; most of the camera setups came from the beginning of the scene with Roxie, him applying his stage make up, as well as when he’s faced with the “truth” from Billy. There are longer takes and less edits when Amos sings on stage mostly because of the lack of huge dance numbers like the rest of the songs in the film and because this is the most genuine songs so it didn’t need to be masked with a lot of edits.

Signing off with much love,



Exercising has been known to keep people healthy, happy, and well. I am most passionate about exercising because it makes me feel happy when I go out and don’t have to squeeze my stomach in to look skinny, rather I naturally feel good. In those who are struggling to find time to exercise, slowly start out by setting your electronic devices a side and with that time, you could run 15-20 minutes, lift, or do yoga. It definitely is hard to find time and the motivation to do it, but start off slow and then ease your way to a happier and healthier life style. Listen to music that makes you motivated, eat well, and allow yourself to be the best version of yourself!

Lighting Analysis of “The Godfather”


First, I select the opening scene from this film and it starts with a man who is asking Vito Corleone for his help as we wishes to seek revenge on the men who hurt and abused his daughter. Vita, a powerful mob man, denies the man’s request, which is to kill the men who hurt his daughter, because even though they didn’t receive justice, the daughter is still alive. In the start of the film, we get a close up of the man with fast falloff in cameo lighting because we cannot see the background at first but after the camera zooms out and the scene progresses it becomes more spatial lighting because of the balance between light and dark. Light and shadows are used throughout the film to better tell the story and to show a character’s inner colors without saying a word and helps add mystery in the scenes. When we first see Vito, we don’t see his face and he is in the shadows, which emphasizes his mysterious nature that is alluring to us as audience members, especially when his guy whispers something in his ear because we want to know more about Vito. The low-key lighting throughout the scene fits the theme of the film about how one’s crimes cannot be completely hidden in the shadows. Near the end of the scene when the man says his goodbyes, Vito’s eyes are not clearly shown as well throughout the film almost like we are not allowed to see the truth in his eyes.

Godfather seq1

I decided to pick the film screen shot of Michael from The Godfather, as this is the most recent film I have watched; exquisite lighting is used through the film. In this screen shot, we see Michael in the car with two other men; Michael is in the center of the frame, his right side illuminated by the lights of the car behind them and the light on his right side. In fact, all men in the car have some light on their right side and mostly darkness on their left side; the right can mean good and the left can mean bad so this is most likely a metaphor because the left is always wrong and they could be hiding that side of themselves in the shadows. Also, the darkness inside of them could be consuming the good in them as well, which is why there isn’t a lot of light in this shot. The only person’s eyes we can see Michael’s because we need to sense the tension he is going through in the car and see it in his eyes as he hopes the plan works out. We know he is not fully devoured by the blackness or the evil lurking inside of him. This scene is dark because it is at night so they must of used low-key lighting with a few lights behind of the main light on Michael’s right side below eye-level.   The fast falloff illumination with partial background lighting gives us the perfect intense feeling and the lighting below eye-level makes the audience question what is going to happen next. This scene is the perfect example of spatial or compositional lighting because it has a decent balance of the light and the dark.




My favorite Car YouTuber

I can’t deny it; I spend a lot of my free time on YouTube. To me, YouTube is better than Television. It is instant, only the shows you want, and no ads if you have an ad blocker installed.

One of my favorites is Alejandro or Salomondrin. He is a wealthy man in Los Angeles who has a very nice car collection. He and his friends record themselves doing random daily activities as successful businessmen with an interest in cars. It is very entertaining, even though they are just joking around with each other throughout their day.

One of my favorite videos is Revealing a new look with the Porsche Carrera GT!!!

Take a look at his channel to watch other videos of car reviews and his lifestyle. Give them a try.



Drinking has taken place for many years; when the prohibition act was successful, crime rates went up. Drinking, I believe is not a necessity, rather it is a fun activity that many can enjoy because it relieves stress and prevents less crimes. Yes, there have been cases when abuse occurred upon the women, but it was not murder. Which is why drinking is such a fun activity and people who enjoy it should do it.