Exercising has been known to keep people healthy, happy, and well. I am most passionate about exercising because it makes me feel happy when I go out and don’t have to squeeze my stomach in to look skinny, rather I naturally feel good. In those who are struggling to find time to exercise, slowly start out by setting your electronic devices a side and with that time, you could run 15-20 minutes, lift, or do yoga. It definitely is hard to find time and the motivation to do it, but start off slow and then ease your way to a happier and healthier life style. Listen to music that makes you motivated, eat well, and allow yourself to be the best version of yourself!

Lighting Analysis of “The Godfather”


First, I select the opening scene from this film and it starts with a man who is asking Vito Corleone for his help as we wishes to seek revenge on the men who hurt and abused his daughter. Vita, a powerful mob man, denies the man’s request, which is to kill the men who hurt his daughter, because even though they didn’t receive justice, the daughter is still alive. In the start of the film, we get a close up of the man with fast falloff in cameo lighting because we cannot see the background at first but after the camera zooms out and the scene progresses it becomes more spatial lighting because of the balance between light and dark. Light and shadows are used throughout the film to better tell the story and to show a character’s inner colors without saying a word and helps add mystery in the scenes. When we first see Vito, we don’t see his face and he is in the shadows, which emphasizes his mysterious nature that is alluring to us as audience members, especially when his guy whispers something in his ear because we want to know more about Vito. The low-key lighting throughout the scene fits the theme of the film about how one’s crimes cannot be completely hidden in the shadows. Near the end of the scene when the man says his goodbyes, Vito’s eyes are not clearly shown as well throughout the film almost like we are not allowed to see the truth in his eyes.

Godfather seq1

I decided to pick the film screen shot of Michael from The Godfather, as this is the most recent film I have watched; exquisite lighting is used through the film. In this screen shot, we see Michael in the car with two other men; Michael is in the center of the frame, his right side illuminated by the lights of the car behind them and the light on his right side. In fact, all men in the car have some light on their right side and mostly darkness on their left side; the right can mean good and the left can mean bad so this is most likely a metaphor because the left is always wrong and they could be hiding that side of themselves in the shadows. Also, the darkness inside of them could be consuming the good in them as well, which is why there isn’t a lot of light in this shot. The only person’s eyes we can see Michael’s because we need to sense the tension he is going through in the car and see it in his eyes as he hopes the plan works out. We know he is not fully devoured by the blackness or the evil lurking inside of him. This scene is dark because it is at night so they must of used low-key lighting with a few lights behind of the main light on Michael’s right side below eye-level.   The fast falloff illumination with partial background lighting gives us the perfect intense feeling and the lighting below eye-level makes the audience question what is going to happen next. This scene is the perfect example of spatial or compositional lighting because it has a decent balance of the light and the dark.




My favorite Car YouTuber

I can’t deny it; I spend a lot of my free time on YouTube. To me, YouTube is better than Television. It is instant, only the shows you want, and no ads if you have an ad blocker installed.

One of my favorites is Alejandro or Salomondrin. He is a wealthy man in Los Angeles who has a very nice car collection. He and his friends record themselves doing random daily activities as successful businessmen with an interest in cars. It is very entertaining, even though they are just joking around with each other throughout their day.

One of my favorite videos is Revealing a new look with the Porsche Carrera GT!!!

Take a look at his channel to watch other videos of car reviews and his lifestyle. Give them a try.


Sunday funday

Heeeeey all! It’s Tuesday and so I’m here to share with you a scrumptious meal. This week I decided to take well deserved break and, eat out.  I’d never had chicken and waffles before Sunday. I still haven’t! Everything looked so good, I finally decided on  a chicken fajita skillet (that came with a waffle).

Good thing I was hungry because this was a huge meal. The skillet included the following: homefried , chicken (fajita style) potatoes,mushrooms,cheese,spinach, onions,peppers, and over medium egg on top. I’m full all over again just describing it!

Next week be looking for that perfect chicken n waffle recipe.


Drinking has taken place for many years; when the prohibition act was successful, crime rates went up. Drinking, I believe is not a necessity, rather it is a fun activity that many can enjoy because it relieves stress and prevents less crimes. Yes, there have been cases when abuse occurred upon the women, but it was not murder. Which is why drinking is such a fun activity and people who enjoy it should do it.

Makeup Dupe or Rip Off?!


Not everyone can afford high-end, luxury brand makeup, which is why dupes are so popular! As a lover of makeup, I think it’s wonderful when you can find a cheaper version (that is also of good quality) of an expensive product. I’m looking at you ColourPop and all your awesomeness! Dupes are never just copies as there are infinite ways to formulate a red liquid lipstick or a holographic highlighter.

Swatches of Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

A few days ago, Kat Von D called out UK cosmetic brand Makeup Revolution for stealing the shades and palette layout design from Kat’s Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette. Putting the two palettes up against each other, one can easily say they look nearly identical. Kat first posts an Instagram photo of the two twin eye palettes and later posts a twenty-one minute YouTube video explaining her frustration.

Personally, I easily can side with Kat because even though the brand is known for duping products from expensive makeup companies, Makeup Revolution clearly ripped off Kat Von D. You cannot make a stable case for them because they were clearly more than “inspired” by this palette. They literally just lazily rearranged the name of Kat’s palette to get the name of this rip off: Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade Palette. But Ms. Von D wrote some unnecessary and rude hashtags at the end of her Insta caption and then cheekily points out how people were pissed of at her caption in her YouTube video, avoiding her unprofessional tags at the end.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 11.16.09 PM

Do you think Makeup Revolution stole from Kat Von D? Was Kat being too petty or was she just pouring us all a cup of hot tea? Leave a comment below telling me your thoughts on the situation!





Hi everyone,

This week, I want to share my classmate’s posts. We are all working on the same project together where we must write weekly, on a combined blog with our group, about our topics. The other groups can be found at:






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I’ll be back next week to share my personal passions.



Planting Garlic for Spring

Spring is finally here!!! A few weeks ago, I posted about planting roses in our backyard. This week, the garlic cloves that I soaked in water are ready to be transplanted so I’m going to post about it. Here is what they look like:




As you can see from the photos above, the individual cloves have already grown some roots and sprouts as well. I separated the cloves from two bulbs of garlic and soaked the bottom on an inch of water. I was quite surprised because all of the cloves produced sprouts. The length of the sprouts on the photo took around two weeks to achieve. For those of you who might be interested to plant garlic, here are some tips to know:

Garlic grows well in a fertile, well-drained soil. You can purchase ready-made planting soil from the store or make your own using several inches of compost mixed with the soil you already have (the one existing already existing in your yard or garden). The best fertilizer to use for garlic is the one labeled with “10-10-10 fertilizer”. This simply describes the composition of the fertilizer and different kinds work better for certain plants.

After planting, putting a layer of mulch on top would also be beneficial. The mulch helps to maintain the moisture that’s already in the soil and to prevent weeds from growing around what you’ve planted.

Water every 3-5 days. Fertilize accordingly based on the instructions of your fertilizer of choice (Some are slow release).

It does take some patience because garlic takes about six to nine months to mature. That being said, I still think its going to be worth it because garlic is such a staple to our kitchen!

That’s it for today. Happy Sunday everyone!

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Film Passion

Yo! What’s going on viewers? I’m a bit late this week, I know I know, but I am here. Work was booming and we gained a handful of large projects this week.

I want to share another one of my passions with you all today. It is film.

I am currently in a Film Studies class and it has expanded my knowledge on cinema tremendously.

I now have a new-found appreciation for other genres and time periods of film such as late 70s film, noir, and silent films. Before the class, I would have never enjoyed these types of films.

Here’s a list of a few films you should check out if you’re interested and have a bit of time to spend.

  1. The Royal Tenenbaums
  2. Battleship Potemkim
  3. Ponyo

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Also, check my classmate’s blog out at https://blissfulbinge.wordpress.com where they share their interests and one’s experience with her pregnancy.



“Beware the ides of March”



In Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, the playwright wrote this menacing warning, “Beware the ides of March.” This isn’t just a cautionary phrase anymore but an infamous headline of betrayal; people say the 15th of March is cursed because of the literal backstabbing of Rome’s notorious first dictator. In fact, a lot of not so great things happened on this day in history: deadly Samoan Cyclone, Germany occupied Czechoslovakia, fatal blizzard on the Great Plains, The Ed Sullivan Show was canceled, NASA reported Ozone layer disappearing, and Maine being the 23rd state of the Union. Of course, I’m joking about the last one!


If you are still unaware of the meaning of this advice Shakespeare gave or have no idea that the Roman Senators assassinated Julius Caesar, the Roman Emperor, here is Gretchen Wieners loosely explaining the murder in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls.

Is it all making sense now? Good. Of course, Gretchen leaves out a bunch but we learn a lot from her and Caesar’s story—don’t pissed off or bully other people as controlling dictator or a mean girl. Try your best to put good into the world and you will receive good in return; listen to your friends and coworkers, treat them with respect and you probably won’t be hit by a bus or stabbed in the back.

giphy gretchen

Do you think March 15th is cursed? Has anything bad every happened to you on this date? I’d love to see a movie like Valentines Day or New Years Eve based on this “cursed” day; I may make it so don’t steal it! I claim the idea!  See y’all next Wednesday!